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MEGA Services, Inc. is an Illinois corporation, serving the financial community in central Illinois for over three decades. We are a full service repossession company with extensive experience in the recovery of all types of collateral, quickly and damage-free. We also work tirelessly --- with a vast knowledge of the issues facing your industry. Frequent communications with our collectors, providing case updates, developments and status reports, is an integral part of our comprehensive service. MEGA Services, Inc.'s office space and secured storage facilities are located in Morton, Illinois, just minutes from Peoria.

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MEGA Services, Inc. has full time office staff, investigators and repossessors with expertise to handle all your recovery needs. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

MEGA Services employs highly skilled, trained and professional recovery specialists. All recovery agents are required to complete an industry standard certification program, ensuring their complete knowledge of the rules and regulations governing our industry. Our knowledge and skill helps to minimize the risk of legal action against both your company and MEGA Services. We view our services as an integral component of your financial success.



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